While there’s nothing better than relaxing in a lounge chair on the beach, some days you just want to enjoy something a bit more active. That is why we’ve put together a few of our top suggestions when it comes to activities. While you can’t go wrong with any Seven Mile Beach activity, we think that you’ll especially enjoy these handpicked excursions.

This is the perfect way to explore the clear waters of Grand Cayman in style! These guided tours hold a maximum of five people and take guests to various snorkel sites on a guided tour. Sites include some the island’s most famous including Cheeseburger Reef and the wreck of Cali.

Comparison with other accommodations

This evening sail allows visitors to dine under the stars and enjoy a three-course meal served directly from the on board grill. This sail departs directly from our resort and is the perfect way to enjoy a memorable evening in paradise. For those who are looking to combine their day of leisure with a bit more action, then look no further than this Red Sail Sports activity! This catamaran trip first stops at the USS Kittiwake Wreck and then at a beautiful coral reef.

Like a Rolling Stone

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